FEMA Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA)

We help homeowners get removed from the FEMA high-risk flood zone every day using the LOMA application process.

Requesting a map amendment from FEMA can be difficult and time consuming. Experienced Mapping Analysts can do the following work for you:


  • Review the property and verify the current FEMA flood zone.
  • Obtain and compile all the public research required by FEMA for the dispute.
  • Submit all available information to FEMA for review.
  • Provide FEMA additional information required to quickly complete the application.
  • Send you the completed map amendment document removing the structure from the FEMA high-risk flood zone.

Note: A lender will apply this Letter of Map Amendment to their FEMA Flood Zone Determination, overturn the flood zone, and drop the flood insurance requirement. If you choose to have a policy, it will be available at a heavily discounted rate.

“I tried on my own, off-and-on for two years to work with FEMA and our lender, to get the forced place insurance removed and it wasn’t until I contacted you that I was able to get it done.  You have saved us hundreds of dollars monthly and provided us with the correct information to end this constant financial thorn in our side.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!”

-Natalie in California

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